How to Let OpenLiteSpeed Web Server Know the MIME Type of WebManifest Files

By default, the OpenLiteSpeed Web Server does not know the MIME type (application/json) of the “.webmanifest” manifest files of Progressive Web Applications (PWA), so the mentioned files are served with the “application/octet-stream” MIME type that actually represents unknown binary files.

a) Configuring

Open the /usr/local/lsws/conf/ file on your favorite text editor with superuser privileges and add the following line mentioning the specific MIME type of your desired file.
webmanifest = application/json

b) Restarting

Changes will take effect after you give the OpenLiteSpeed Web Server a graceful restart. (Graceful restart ensures zero downtime.)

  • In case of its WebAdmin Console: Just click on Graceful Restart icon and then proceed to Yes.
  • In case of systemd: sudo systemctl restart openlitespeed.service or sudo systemctl restart lsws.service


Abdullah As-Sadeed
Abdullah As-Sadeed

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