How to Setup dnf-automatic

a) Installing The dnf-automatic

Install the dnf-automatic.
sudo dnf install dnf-automatic

b) Configuring

Edit the /etc/dnf/automatic.conf file on your favorite text editor with superuser privileges. Here, we want the dnf-automatic to install all available updates regularly. So, the modification under the file’s commands section will be:





upgrade_type = default

It can be configured for many ways. Follow the official manual to configure the dnf-automatic for your preferred way.

c) Enabling Autostart

To tell systemd to start dnf-automatic timer automatically at boot, you have to enable it.
sudo systemctl enable dnf-automatic.timer

d) Starting

Start the dnf-automatic timer.
sudo systemctl start dnf-automatic.timer


Abdullah As-Sadeed

Abdullah As-Sadeed