How to Host WiFi Hotspot on Lubuntu 22.04 LTS

a) Configuring Hotspot

Navigate to Application Menu > Preferences > Advanced Network Configuration or right click on desktop panel\’s network icon and go to Edit Connections. Click on Add a new connection icon (+) and the next dialog box will ask you for your desired connection type. Select Wi-Fi option under Hardware group and then proceed with Create button. Set the Connection name to something, by which you will recognize the connection inside your lovely system.
Under General tab:

  • Check Connect automatically with priority and set it to 1. (Assuming, we set this option, of the connection from which we will share to the hotspot, to 0.)
  • Check All users may connect to this network.
  • Select Metered Connection to Automatic option.

Under Wi-Fi tab:

  • Set a SSID (Service Set IDentifier) by which other devices will find this hotspot.
  • We set Mode to Hotspot option.
  • And set Band to Automatic option.
  • You must assign Device to the Wi-Fi card we want to be the hotspot. Its name may start with wlan or wlp (such as, wlan0, or wlp2s0b1).

Under Wi-Fi Security tab:

  • Select Security to WPA & WPA2 Personal or WPA3 Personal.
  • And then, set the password.

Under both IPv4 Settings and IPv6 Settings:

  • Select Method to Shared to other computers option.

b) Activating Hotspot

Click on the desktop panel’s network icon and just click on the connection name of the hotspot. A notification should appear mentioning the successful connection.

Abdullah As-Sadeed

Abdullah As-Sadeed